3 Big Mobile Marketing Tools and How To Use Them For Your Business
Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Movement is Here!

There are more of your customers using their smartphones than computers.  Put your business in palm of your customers hands.  If you have a business, than you need a mobile app.

Small Businesses and their customers love mobile apps.  84% saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts.  Our mobile features will show a return on investment.  From creating a customer rewards program to sending push notifications,  you now have a powerful opportunity to reach your customers like never before.  “Every business should be thinking about building mobile apps today.  It’s not a fad or a passing trend.  It’s customer service.” – FORBES

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Our Mobile Marketing Mission

Our mission is simple:  We aim to help local businesses get more customers with mobile marketing.  Whether it’s mobile apps or getting on the first page of Google with Video Marketing, we can help you get new exposure and help your customers find you.  “Mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented.” – New York Times


Realtor Mobile Apps

Realtor Mobile Apps

Place your listings in the palm of buyers’ hands. With in-depth property info and on-the-go contact capabilities, you’ll be selling houses up from under people’s feet. Add photos and listing details so users are ready to buy before they reach the front door.  Add new property listings daily and broadcast open house dates.  Showcase the neighborhood hotspots and more with mobile marketing.


Need a second secretary? Try building an app instead. (Sorry, secretaries.) With Q&A breakdowns and an array of info-driven features, your clients will be answering their own questions with every swipe.



It’s easy to draw the Monday night crowd when you have an app working for you. Check-in specials, loyalty rewards, and real-time menu updates grow your customer base and keep them coming back for seconds. Dessert menu, please.

Sports & Fitness

gym mobile apps

Gym and teams mobile apps.

Need to hassle your students about showing up to that 7 AM bootcamp? No better way than through a push notification. Post class schedules, send out last-minute updates, and generate feedback all in one place.


Showcase weekly sermons and inform your congregation about upcoming events and classes. Help people grow with online lessons and videos while giving them a voice to connect to their community


Boost your subscription base and keep volunteers in the know. Nonprofit apps put organizations not just in the hearts & minds of their supporters—but in their pockets. Add donation integration to inspire users to pitch in with just a few taps. Remind newcomers about fundraising events and easy ways to get involved.


What’s happy hour without a crowd? Promote weekly events and turn one-time patrons into regulars with exclusive in-app discounts. Post weekend pictures of the fun time your bar is having.  Send happy hour alerts!  Your customers will be keeping the tab open a lot more often.